Nova pridobitev v naši floti je ˝NOVA˝, plovilo ki prinaša nove in boljše možnosti preživljanja vašega časa na morju.
Primerna je za vse priložnosti in skoraj vse razmere.

Na pravi ribiški barki vam pripravimo pristno vzdušje in nepozabno zabavo na morju.
Polegribjih piknikov in panoramskih voženj vam ponujamo pravo ribiško doživetje ˝Ribolov z vlečno mrežo-koča˝.

Nepozabno doživetje za šolsko mladino ali manjše skupine ljudi, željnih pristnega stika z morjem.
Primeren je za panoramsko vožnjo vzdolž obale, kopaje in potapljanje.


 Panoramic Trips

Panoramska vožnja na ZlatoperkiSuitable both to end-of-the-year school trips or excursions (fishing operations and equipment are explained upon request) and to adult groups eager to admire the Slovenian coast from the sea. During the trip lasting approximately 3 hours, tasty grilled anchovies can be enjoyed at pleasure and guests can treat themselves to a refreshing dip in the sea and/or to coastal cities sightseeing.

Fish  Picnics

Sardele na žaru in vinoAll-day picnics are meant for people who want to spend a whole day on the sea. We take you on a boat trip along the Slovenian coast, if desired, halts can be made in bays suitable for bathing and swimming or in the coastal towns, all without exception worthy to be visited. On board the boat, we are able to appease anybody's appetite with stockfish specialties, anchovies, grilled squid, tomato salad and drinks. Upon request and subject to prior agreement, other dishes can be prepared.

Celebrations & Events

Piknik na barki Zlatoperka
Picnic on the boat ZlatoperkaRojstni day, anniversary, bachelor party, bachelorette party or even a wedding a little differently. Why not on the boat?
When we verified that each Partying well succeed!
You bring with you a good mood for the rest take care of me. On the boat "NEW" can organize all kinds of celebrations, because we did not tied to schedules, do not disturb any neighbors, your group will remain "together" throughout the party.



Fishing Watching

Ogled postopka ribolovaThe fishing boat  ZLATOPERKA take you fishing with demersal trawl. This is a special type of fishing hut with net-sliding on the seabed. We show you the entire process of fishing, including by raising network on the boat..





As part of our packages at reasonable weather can also swim from the boat. For worry-free irrigation, we will anchor in the bay, which is best suited to the weather, currents and other conditions at sea. So we can largely enjoy the small but beautiful Slovenian sea.



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